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90Works strives to listen to our customer needs, answer your questions, and provide the highest quality services. Whether it's in person, over the phone, or through our website, we strive to help you access services and support immediately.

Process To Receive Services

Eligibility Requirements

(1) SSVF participants must be a veteran or veteran household. If unsure of veteran status inquire within.
(2) Must be literally homeless or pending homelessness within the next 30 days.Must meet income eligibility.
(3) Low-income household

SSG Fox SPGP Eligible individuals must be at risk for suicide defined as exposure to, or the existence of, any of the following factors, to any degree that increase the risk of suicidal ideations and/or behaviors:

(1) Health risk factors, including mental health challenges, substance use disorder, serious or chronic health conditions or pain, and traumatic brain injury,
(2) Environmental risk factors, including prolonged stress, stressful life events, unemployment, homelessness, recent loss, and legal or financial challenges
(3) Historical risk factors, including previous suicide attempts, family history of suicide, and history of abuse, neglect, or trauma, including military sexual trauma.

Plan for Your Success

Our plan for customer success is to focus on delivering high-quality services. To achieve this, we ask that our customers bring a mindset that embraces change as an opportunity, and are ready to commit to improvement. It is helpful to have DD2-14, VA ID, HINQ, or DL ready for your first appointment. If you’re missing any of these documents, do not worry, our team can help you access any document required.

How We Work

Our 90-day case management model is designed to provide coordinated, comprehensive, and person-centered services that address the customer's unique needs and goals. Our customers first receive an assessment to evaluate their individual needs, strengths, and goals while identifying any barriers they are experiencing. Next, our team makes a personalized plan to addresses these barriers with the action steps necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. Then we work with customers to implement their personalized plan. This can involve navigating benefits, linking community resources, arranging services, and providing education and support. Throughout the process, our team monitors the customer’s progress and adjusts the plan of care as needed achieve self-sufficiency. Once our customer’s goals have been met, we facilitate their transition to living stable, fulfilling lifestyles.

Community Resources

Locating community resources is an important part of accessing support services to meet the needs of Veterans. There are a variety of resources available in our community, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community-based programs. It is important to be aware that resources and services can vary depending on county, eligibility requirements, and availability. Click here to find other community resources and services and programs.

Dedication to Excellence

At the core of our organization is a commitment to excellence. 90Works endeavors to deliver the highest quality services for our Veterans, always striving to do our best and to deliver the best possible outcomes. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly seeking new and innovative ways to exceed expectations and raise the bar for ourselves and our community partners.

If Something Goes Wrong

At 90Works, we are committed to maintaining a respectful environment for all. We recognize that conflicts and grievances can arise from time to time, and we have established a grievance policy to address these issues in a fair and timely manner. If a customer has concern or complaint, they are encouraged to contact person to discuss concerns.